Physics 101

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Week In Class Problems Practice-Practice Tests Homework
1   Chapter 1 * Ch.1
2 Chap.2 Chapter 2 Ch.2
3 Chap.3 Chapter 3 Ch.3
4 Chap.4 Chapter 4 Ch.4
5 real practice test 1 Chap.5 Chapter 5 Ch.5
6 Chap.6 Chapter 6 Ch.6
7 Chap.7 Chapter 7 ** Ch.7
8 real practice test 2 Chap.8 Chapter 8 *** Ch.8
9 Chap.9 Chapter 9 **** Ch.9
10 Midterm Chap.10 Chapter 10 Ch.10
11 Chap.11 Chapter 11 Ch.11
12 Chap.12 Chapter 12 Ch.12
13 real practice test 3 Chap.13 Chapter 13***** Ch.13
14 Chap.14 Chapter 14 ****** Ch.14
15 Chap.15 Chapter 15 ******* Ch.15
16 Chap.16 Chapter 16 ******** Ch.16
17 Chap.17-18 Chapter 17 -- Chapter 18 Ch.17_18

*Question #14: B and D are identical answers (don't choose D); Question #17: exponents a, b, and c become b, c, and d in the answer set.

**Question #11 has the wrong answer. The correct answer is A, 1530 J

***Question #4: when they say the height is 8 meters they mean the height, not the ramp length as shown in the diagram.

****Question #4 has the wrong answer. The correct answer is D, 1.41 m/s. And ignore the 15 m/s in #7. #13 doesn't have the correct answer as a choice. It should be 2.25 m/s, something like answer C.

*****Question 3 has twice the correct answer.

******Question #8 has the wrong answer. The correct answer is A, 10 m/s.

*******Question #13 makes no sense at all (!) Question #17 is missing some information.

*******Question #10 the answer is 0.15oC

Looking into your future:,


Denial is not just a river in Egypt

Description of MCAT from prep manual (my italics ):


What Subjects are on the MCAT*?

The MCAT will not only test your scientific knowledge in biology, physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, but will also measure your problem-solving, critical thinking and writing skills. The exam is divided into four sections: Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, the Writing Sample and Biological Sciences.

The Physical Sciences section contains physics and general chemistry. The Biological Sciences section contains biology and organic chemistry. All questions, save the Writing Sample, are multiple choice with four choices per question.


Sample page from graduate entrance test (the PDF quality was < 100%, hence the "Ouestions". ) :