Extra Credit

Suppose you know a guy who works at Federal United Express Parcel Service as a driver. His boss tasks him with delivering 140 packages a week. Because he is prone to coming to work late, takes long lunches, frequent text breaks, and leaves work early, by Thursday night he's delivered only 70 packages. So the next morning he tells his boss he'll have his truck detailed. His exasperated boss replies, "How will that get the job done? How will that get any packages delivered?"

It's not extra credit if you haven't completed the assigned task first!

On the other hand, there's this other driver at FUEPS who wants to be promoted to manager. She gets her 140 packages delivered by Thursday night, then on Friday makes an additional 20 stops AND gets her truck detailed to boot.

That's Extra Credit!

And we have that at this school. It's called the Scholars' Honors Program, and it is a way for the ambitious student to distinguish him/herself above and beyond the typical community college attendee, perhaps to get that scholarship, internship, or grant, or to get into a better four-year school. Check out that link and I'll approve your application.