If you want to learn about science, ask a scientist...That said, some of the articles below contain pure opinion, but all have included references. Draw your own conclusion.

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US Temperature map, 2008
VooDoo Climatology (audio)
CO2 doesn't inhibit IR as much as claimed / paper CERN shows cosmic rays produce clouds / graph
Global Cooling Soon Global Warming Fallacies
Global Warming Myths Greenland's Glaciers Have Been Shrinking for 100 Years
Arctic Cooling Human CO2 emission (calculations)
Global Warming Skeptics No "Consensus" Among Scientists
No Perfect Temperature Solar Causes for Climate Change
Sun Cycle Cooling Another Ice Age (note the date!)
Where's The Warming? Global Warming and Hurricanes
Snow Cover, Increasing Ice (some opinion) Temperature Drops; enlargement of graph
Solar Activity Diminishing Hydrogen Economy (link to Skeptics.org)
Warming Reportedly Ended a Decade Ago NPR: Ethanol Worse than Gasoline
NPR: Missing Heat? S. Frederick Singer (Atmospheric Scientist, George Mason University)
Sun Goes Longer Than Normal Without Producing Sunspots John Coleman (founder of The Weather Channel)
50,000 Physicists Agree : Myth of Consensus The Paper mentioned in 50,000 Physicists agree
A good resource from a Canadian Rural Electrification Project (scroll down about 2/3)
New Little Ice Age from a Mexican scientist (translated) Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine on CO2
Sun Spotless Solar Winds Weakest in 50 years Hottest October report in error (first half of story)
Alaska Glaciers Increasing Lower Troposphere Global Temperatures 1979 - 2008
Lorne Gunther Commentary (Canadian opinion piece) Northern Hemisphere Tropical Cyclone Activity Lowest in 30 years.
Solar Activity Increased during 20th Century Snow in the UAE for only the second time in recorded history
Freeman Dyson (Physicist, Princeton) (external link) Jupiter Storms (read the last line in the paragraph)
Humans produce ~1028ergs of energy per year. Read this abstract and see what the Earth has easily survived.
Synchronous Chaos! Worried about that Antarctic Ice Shelf and GW? See this.
Global Warming on Mars Hot and Cold Scientists (much opinion)
NASA: Deep Solar Minimum Global Air Temps (look @ the last few years)
Earth's Atmosphere lowest altitude on record Crops under stress as temperatures fall
Earth approaching sunspot records (none too grammatical) <--source for the article on left: Dr. C. Perry
MIT paper on CO2's small influence on climate Climatologists Baffled by Global Warming Time-Out
Mini Ice Age  
2009 Record Deadly Cold Graph of "Warming" since 1998

also, live image of the Sun here